Dr. Lydia de Leon | Greece

``What the world needs most right now is to use the most powerful media, which is video, voice and music, to share powerful messages that can inspire, uplift, and awaken humanity to a superhero level: that is exactly what this movie does. It combines the most epic imagery that give you goose bumps from one of the most pure sacred places in the world, Iceland, with incredibly deep messages covering a wide range of important subjects, all coming down to the return to the Sacred Way of Living. The feeling I was left after these 55 minutes was a profound awe, assisting me in coming back to the center of my being and inspiring me to make further changes in my way of living. Thank you and Mahalo to David, Krystyna, Yoeri and all the team for this epic creation!”

Josephine | USA

I watched this documentary last night and I loved it, but this morning I can feel how this film has penetrated me physically, right under my skin, right into my way of seeing, like a light switched on. It's a beautiful feeling to wake up to the omnipresent magic all around us. This is a truly powerful movie and has left me with a feeling of deep reverence for the mystery and miracle of life. And how crazy the perfection of the timing of David's message at the end? with all the insanity of these last months, if you can't wake up now... THANKYOU for this film!!! Totally inspired!


1111 Iceland “The Blue Glow of the Holy Flow” From the first musical note to the last... My heart was deeply touched. A true sense of the mystical Different octaves of David’s voice Matched to the scenery. Arriving to sacred geometry Science of the Heart Totally captivated. Even though the words are not new, The honour bestowed To water and it’s elemental companions. There is a Place deep within Where we seek & find It’s origin. It was an honour To listen. To the message/messengers I bow

Valerie Wood

OMG! This was such a magical hour for us! My family was totally absorbed. You guys took us on an escapade of a lifetime! Bucket list cross off! We watched it together and then I watched it again by myself, so it would be engrained in my brain forever... Your captivating visuals, your mesmerizing music, the fervor in your voice and passionate words of wisdom all coaching us into the magic of nature. Truly Up There with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Such a treasured gift to the world. High fives all around to your team, David! A whole new bar for ePIC! Best 55:55 EVER!!! 💥🙏🏼

Lars | Calgary, Canada

``I just rented and watched the whole movie. I’m in tears, moved beyond words right now. Seeing all of this beyond stunning video footage with timeless truths spoken with such wisdom was an awe inspiring experience. Big huge hugs and congratulations to all of you for putting this magnificent work of art together. The deep and profound truths in this movie are timeless. Now let’s get it out to millions!``

Corinna | Netherlands

⭐️BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL⭐️ Please watch THE movie in this turbulent strange time, that will bring magical sparkles of feeling fortuned to be alive. Really proud of my dear loving creative friend Yoeri Stor that did this production with David Wolfe (David Avocado) and a great small team. Thank you guys for putting in your energy to share this with the world.

"That was a superhero movie! Visuals and music are off the chain. Thanks for bringing it out and spreading this beautiful message!!! David has changed the course of my life for sure and I’m forever thankful for that. Peace."

- Deniss Rakovich

"I don't think I've ever had chills the whole time while watching a movie until now! Every shot is stunning. The magic in every frame is palpable, and the words are the exact wisdom the world needs to hear!!"

- Joness Jones | California, United States

"Your new film is beautiful my heart felt so much ❤️ love 💕 thank you 🙏 from Philip, Susan and Mother Earth."

- Philip | Arizona USA

"1111 ICELAND IS EPIC!!!!!! Love the MaGicKaL messages within and the imagery + cinematography is the best ever!!! What a gorgeous country!! Wow! Congratulations!!! @robinsuperhero - best ever production work, too, siSt✨r!! 💞"

- Cassie | Florida USA

"Just finished 1111 Iceland.... it’s was EPIC! Nicely done. I was bummed when it ended, I could have watched it for at least another hour."

- Mary | Minnesota, United States

"Bravo !!! This is the Best film I have ever seen to date! Glorious imagery and content. I was in awe the whole time! Well done Team ! Brought me right back to the essence of life and LOVE itself ...EPIC beyond words xo"

- Groove | Canada

"I watched Iceland 1111 yesterday and everything looks stunning in the movie ❤️❤️❤️ I just wanted to continue watching even when it got over."

- Dipti

"Awesomeness here! Fantastic recalibrating retune tool for inner awakening! Love it."

- Milan Hartmann

"Congratulations on the film, great work and well done, miss you all and look forward to welcoming you next time you travel to Iceland, Lovelight blessings from Hæringsstaðir in the center of the Troll peninsula."

- Sigurgeir - Iceland

"O.M.GOOOODNESS!!! 1111Iceland is Off The Chain!! Soooooooo Awesome Beyond Words!!!! I LOVED IT!!! FLATUS LIFIR!!!"

- Erin Waage | FLATUS Astrologer | California

"Just watched the film I am shocked by the majesty of mother nature, Thanks Dr. David for bringing us close to nature in this times of uncertainty, be connected with nature is everything , from the bottom of my heart Thank you so much ! greetings from Peru!"

- Gabriela | Peru